Meet the Team



John Stare has been a Nursing Home Administrator since 1997.  His top priority is always the safety of the patients and his staff, so he jumped at the chance to be involved in a product that would increase safety for both patients who use wheelchairs and their caregivers. He knew that the Wheelchair Footrest Tether was the key to preventing wheelchair injuries.  Knowing that there was nothing like this yet on the market, it was John’s goal to get the product to those who needed it as quickly as possible.







Iliana Georgieva has been a Physical Therapist, as well as a Physical Therapist Manager, in various settings such as Nursing Homes and Private Practices for over 10 years, and has cared for hundreds of patients.  She has had first hand experience with the many issues that come with lost leg rests, which led to the concept of the wheelchair tether. She teamed up with her Nursing Home Administrator, John Stare, after he agreed that the product was a long needed solution to a very common problem that all Nursing Homes, Hospitals and other wheelchair users have. After much time and effort, the Wheelchair Footrest Tether was finally patented and Iliana and John’s vision was ready to be put on the market.